.Studio Time for Retmod.com

My (now) good friend, Jill, is willing to collaborate with me on projects where she designs and styles and I set up my camera for captures. Some of these collaborations make it out into the aether that is the interwebs, usually the ones Jillion's utilizes for her online vintage and mod clothing store, Retmod.com  

These are always fun, exciting days of shooting and I'm happy to to present some of the resulting images here, now. The first set, for her 90's pop section of the store, are all out-of-doors and use available lighting only: 

So 90's pop! 

So 90's pop! 



sunny day

It was cool and windy and loads of fun, as always :D 

Then it was time for another shoot, one that I had wanted to work on for a while. Truth be told, I had envisioned a totally different layout than what we ended up with but the results are spectacular if different. For these shots I used two halogen hot lights on the seamless background and a single speedlite in a soft box overhead: 


And then we completed one more shoot for Retmod.com, Jill's store. This time we were working with her mod, patterned items and special accessories. This shoot was completed with a few Profoto heads and a mix of beauty dish, soft box, and available lights: 


Studio work is a challenge and a delight, particularly when working with a great team of folks. I'm looking forward to the next series of work and collaboration. 



Credit where credit is due:

  • Styling: Jill Veysey
  • Models: Ashley Tindall & Yesenia Boyer
  • MUA: Yesenia Boyer
  • Assistants: Amy Atwell & Kate McKee