My brother got a late start with photography. Maybe not a late start, per se as he always shot photos on his phone and such. But, moving to Austin, TX made an impact on his creative Self. I am truly humbled by the quality and bravura of his photography every day.


Amy Atwell, once a fellow Junctionview Studios member in Ohio, now a prolific commercial photographer. Check out some of her great work!


My good friend and incredible designer, photog, and moving picture photog,  Dan Almasy


My good friend, an inspiring photographer specializing in weddings and portraiture, Anne Almasy. is a lovely online vintage/retro/mod clothing and accessory shop that I work with often. It is not my style, and not my gender, but I appreciate the collection and attention to the era. You will find all sorts of items and great customer service!


PechaKucha, a program I organize here in ATL. It is a global presentation program that engages designers, architects, builders, artists... People in and around your community that have a passion to speak about.


A friend of a friend started making video game prop things and it has become a full-time job. His work is nuanced, carefully crafted, and most impressive from a builder/DIY perspective as well as a game fan perspective!


I met Monica Campana randomly when I first took over PK here in ATL, out there attempting to make connections. In the past five years she has grown the seed of an idea into a movement with support from many upon many inside and outside this community.


I stumbled into the Atlanta Chapter of Light the Night my first year here in ATL. I volunteered to photograph the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's annual fundraiser walk and have been doing so every year since and hope to continue to do so.